Panelist in online seminar on Investment Opportunities in Nigeria's Blue Economy

Nigeria Economic Summit Group (BLUE ECONOMY)

The objectives of the seminar were to bring together public and private sector professionals, as well as ocean enthusiasts to share expert information that will highlight opportunities for boosting Nigeria’s Blue Economy, and to proffer lasting solutions to shortfalls, using the Blue Economy Strategy of the African Union and others as key guides.


1. Made a presentation addressing the question: ‘’Could the Blue Economy roadmaps of Norway and Seychelles be models for Nigeria?’’ 

2. Participated in the Q&A session. 

See seminar video (on Youtube) for details.

Presentation by Adekola Oyenuga_Nigeria's Blue Economy_NES#26_1.pdf

Global Maritime Security Conference, GMSC 2019

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency ( GMSC)

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

The Global Maritime Security Conference (GMSC) 2019 was a high-level Maritime Security Conference hosted by Nigeria. It’s aim was to facilitate a clearer understanding of the challenges of maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea region and to develop tailored solutions as well as coordinate efforts at strengthening regional and international collaborations to extinguish maritime threats in the region.


  1. Moderated 2 of the conference sessions,
  2. Mobilized the international community from Europe,
  3. Backed-up the conference secretariat wrt the preparations
Facilitating client’s participation and strategy during the London International Shipping Week 2019

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

Location: London, UK

The LISW takes place across London, and features a number of regional events. It highlights London’s key role on the international maritime stage,and the strength and breadth of the UK’s maritime offering. The Client needed support in participation and to present information on the forthcoming GMSC 2019 to the LISW’s attendees.


  1. Moderated seminar hosted by the client
  2. Identified and facilitated a menu of events for the client’s participation during LISW19
  3. Advised the client on the messaging strategy towards the forthcoming GMSC 2019
Africa@Nor-Shipping 2019

Nor-Shipping; Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( NOR-SHIPPING)

Location: Oslo, Norway

Nor-Shipping is a leading global maritime event held biannually since 1965. Africa@Nor-Shipping provides an arena to match Norway's expertise with Africa’s growth potential in the maritime sector. The program was in partnership with the African Union Commission, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Maritime Organization.


  1. Led preparations towards Africa@Nor-Shipping 2019 in the role of Strategic lead and Program Director.
  2. Initiated and coordinated meetings between collaborating partners.
  3. See programme website:
Support for Norway’s participation in the High- Level Conference on the Sustainable Blue Economy

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (N.A.)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya hosted a High-Level Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy from November 26-28, 2018 in Nairobi. The summit was similar to the World Trade Organization’s ministerial meetings and the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and provided a forum to advance the global conversation on the sustainable development of the Blue Economy.


  1. Supported the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its preparations for the Nairobi conference in role as Strategic lead and Program Director for Africa@Nor-Shipping 2019.
  2. Initiated and coordinated meetings between collaborating partners towards Africa@Nor-Shipping 2019 while in Nairobi.
  3. Liaised with all the partners to ensure that preparations were on-track.
Review of the UN Global Compact’s Africa Strategy

UN Global Compact (UNGC)

Locations: Oslo, Norway; Arusha, Tanzania

Against the backdrop of the UNGC’s global strategy (GS), it commissioned a review of its Africa Strategy (AS) to align it with the GS and to ensure its fitness for purpose. An objective of the review was to promote the participation of Africa’s private sector in implementing global agreements on sustainability and in the quest for sustainable corporate behavior.


  1. Insights and findings from the interviews and survey;
  2. A finalized AS with a clear articulation of the strategy to deliver critical UNGC objectives in Africa.
  3. A roadmap for Sub-Saharan Africa, with the identification and prioritization of core areas for intervention.

Assessment of the UN Global Compact’s Local Network in Nigeria

UN Global Compact ( NOR-SHIPPING)

Location: Oslo, Norway; Lagos, Nigeria

The study was conducted as part of a comprehensive assessment of the impact-to-date of the UNGC in promoting the practice of corporate sustainability - summarized by the UNGC’s 4 pillars/10 universal principles - since its operational commencement in New York in 2000 and since the inception of the Local Network in Nigeria in 2006.


  1. Assessed the Local Network’s impact from 2007-2015 on three levels:
    i. Corporate implementation; ii. External Operating Environment; and
    iii. Mindsets/ Worldview
  2. Conducted interviews/surveys of the Local Network’s members;
  3. Prepared and presented a finalized report with a clear articulation of the core findings and with recommendations for further action.